Current & Recent Work

Examples of website development & digital marketing projects.

Beaumont Textiles

eCommerce website: design, development, competitor analysis, hosting, support, maintenance, analytics & digital marketing

Newgate Nurseries

eCommerce website: design, development, hosting, website management & social media

4040 Recruitment

WordPress website: design, development, hosting, job board + job application process

On Whale Rock (Cape Town, South Africa)

WordPress website: design, development, hotel booking, hosting, support & maintenance

Dance Events North West

WordPress website design & development, hosting, support & maintenance

Advanced Mortgage Solutions

Joomla website design & development, hosting & support

eCommerce Sales & Conversion

This is actual data for an eCommerce business – using Google Analytics & conversion analysis to measure online sales.

Marketing activities:  Search, paid search and social media.

Total Sales: £92,294.42 (in 3 weeks)

No. of Sales: 1,863

Conversion rate: 8.86%

Visitor Traffic Analysis

This is actual data for a professional services business.

Website visitor tracking & conversion analysis via organic (Google) search, PPC (Google Ads) and Social Media.

Website Loading Speed Optimisation

Sluggish websites are bad for customers and penalised by Google.

We’ve spent years making websites run faster, through a program of better coding, wordpress optimisation, plugins, caching and super-fast hosting servers.

This is actual data after we moved a client website from a bog-standard shared hosting server onto a super-fast cloud server.